on inside deals

In her performance „PASS IT ON“, Dragana Bulut shows the creation of value in the field of art. By presenting different objects in an auction, she creates a certain value which is verified by the audience bidding for the items. The price is created through demand and supply. So it is in theory as well as at the stock market. The whole capitalist economic system is built on that principle. And a lot of other factors have an inflence on the development of the price. So it was seen at the performance too. The competion between bidders for example created a special desire for some of the objects that raised the price. Some items seemed more precious than others by the opening price that they where given. As in real economics, the market was controlled by the performer in analogue to the producer of material goods. Dragana Bulut was in charge of the market by offereing the items and selecting what she will sell at the auction. The consumer represented by the audience had the function to evaluate the price and in the end to finance the economic system. He/she has certain kinds of control but in a very limited way. But as it was seen in the performance, the success of a performance/economic system depends a lot on the good will of the audience to spend their money. In my notice, the audience that night was kind of grasping and gave Dragana Bulut a hard time selling her items. But in the end, everything except for one piece was sold. Times like these lower the prices and enable opportunities of good deals, especially for the consumer. But as I mentioned, there are more factors. In this special case, I made a pretty good deal. But just under unequitable circumstances. I subverted the rules of market by having insider informations, because I saw the performance two weeks before at another festival. And this proved why these kind of deals are illegal in worldwide ecomics, and on the other hand also proved why it’s a daily practice at the markets. The market ist not able to control itself anymore, and extraordinary profit for some individuals is suddenly possible. This may lead to a collapse of the economic system. In the performance, it wasn’t obvious to the other bidders and of course I didn’t use my insider-knowledge in an irresponsible way. But the proportion of control was deranged for a short moment. In meanings of theater, this made me think about knowledge as the key for liberation of the audience. It has often been tried, especially in performance art, to arrange an equality between performer and audience. In very few cases it worked. Maybe information is the key. Although it takes a lot of the fascination away.

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