Object versus Experience

After getting out of Pass It On auction I couldn’t help but wondering what is actually being sold here? And, which is more seductive: the objects as the material part of an auction or the live action through which the object is presented? Interesting paradox arises. Through a process of rematerialization, that is, by placing everything produced in a relation to the material, it created specific tension in the relation to the nature of the performative act through which the objects were presented. In particular, produced tension between the ephemeral nature of some of the immaterial objects and their own material representations, which was the only buyable part of an experience produced essentially through immaterial action. It made me question: Does the immaterial, the live action and appearance have an efficacy of its own which in some cases may outstrip the possibility of being framed as a material object?
Certainly, once it gets its price it is reduced to the material, but even beyond this, the action itself produces an affect, which increases the bidders interest, and adds essential value to the object. It was questionable as to whether this affect could determine the value of the object outside of its assumed economic value on the market. The affect that gets produced through the way the objects were presented and contextualized was what to a certain extent determined the price of some of the objects. Bidders interested in purchasing these objects were partly triggered by the experience of it, even though the only thing they could own ultimately would be its material representation. Observable here were stimuli subversive to the situation as well as effects of some of the actions. What they produced experientially stood almost in direct opposition to the fixed material representation of the object.

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