every interview i ever made

Every Interview i ever made

This is every interview i ever made. Listening to it isnt easy. After hearing myself for the first time i thought: what to do with it now? How is it possible to present it and not make a fool of myself. Its obvious i am not able to handle the basic needs for example adjusting the microphone or speaking english fluently enough to create an intrest on the questions or turning the recorder off when the interview is done. Listening to it for the second time didnt make it better but gave me the idea to just post it the way it is. For severel reasons. The most important has to do with the issue of vulnerability Jacob Wren was talking about in the context of his performance Every Song i´ve ever written. He made a point when he described his feelings on stage performing his early works. The actual embarresment on stage that built a bridge to the state of feeling that he ecperienced as a teenager (something that most of us might share). My own emabarresment i currently feel by posting this interview shall built a brigde to the artist performing. As Jakob Wren said vulnerability doesnt make necessarily good art, but ists can be one quality. So vulnerability for shure doesnt make a good interview but in the end it helps to get over your own self-accusation and encourages a self-irony that feels much better. In a way i think Jacon Wren performance works very simular. For himself and the audiance. It has a certain cathartic effekt on us whatching it. If he is able to give his teenage-self a loving smile why shouldnt we take ourselfs a little less serious.

The five hour duration of the performance makes it even more comprehensable. The more tired the performer gets the easier he is able to get in contact with his past feelings and ideas he said in the interview. So i really recommend to listen to the interview until the end. You wont get easier in contact with yourself but you will definitly get tired (and hear some inspiring thoughts about the question of producing ,good art´). The self-dout of the artist all the time seemed articulatly during the interview. For example when he questions himselfs as a anti-capitalist-artist, his middle-class background or later in the private talk, after i missed to stop the recording maschine, as a man of 42 years living the lifestyle of a 20year old. (acually i was the one doubting my lifestyle of a 33 year old student, but he agreed) The asset of Jacob Wren is that he never seems coquette wheather he is performing or talking.

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